Teen Summer Reading Roundup

exercisespot1_isolated copyTeen Summer Reading has now ended, and we had our biggest year yet! We had 99 teens write 344 book reviews and complete 40 bingos!

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Love & Gelato

25756328Love & Gelato

Jenna Evans Welch

5 out of 5

Love & Gelato is the quintessential romance novel. Although protagonist Lina is initially reluctant to spend the summer in a foreign country to fulfill her mother’s dying wish, she soon falls head over heels for Italy’s food and attractions…and boys, especially her friendly neighbor Lorenzo. In addition to the new people she meets, Lina is also getting familiar with the past as she reads her mother’s old diary and unearths more secrets than she could possibly imagine. The novel culminates in her unsupervised trip across Italy with Lorenzo in order to discover the truth about her biological father. The beautiful setting serves as the perfect backdrop to Lina’s budding romance. Readers will be entranced by the suspenseful plot and down-to-earth writing in this phenomenal debut novel by Jenna Evans Welch.

Reader: cindyzhang99

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I Am the Messenger

19057I Am the Messenger

Markus Zusak

5 out of 5

This summer I had a goal: to read all Zusak’s book’s. This was the second book I read by him and I love it. I love the concept of how Ed was just another human, he was ordinary and nothing special. He had a crappy job, lived in a shack, was hopefully in love with his best friend, has a coffee drinking dog that smells, and didn’t go to school. Even though he is nothing but ordinary he was still picked to be the messenger. He is sent a series of messages through cards and a person to deliver them too. What I loved about the messages is that they are very vague, either sending adress’s, last names, or movies and random objects that correlate to the person or predicament. The way he talks about life or people is so beautifully scripted or worded. He dosen’t see people for what they look like or what there personality is but for what they are: humans.

Reader: LTG101

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Dead End in Norvelt

9858488Dead End in Norvelt

Jack Gantos

1 out of 5

So… I only read this book because it was an assignment. Originally looking at this I didn’t know what to expect because, the cover is of a road sign and the main character shares a name with the author. A lot of reviews say that the book was funny and a fast read, I disagree. I read this very slowly and had to force myself to pick it up again. Also the characters were more like cartoons or caricatures. So many things didn’t make sense for me: why does Ms. Volker have blue hair, why is he aloud to drive when he’s 12 years old, they kept saying that old Ms.Volker was Jack’s “girlfriend”, and finally why does nobody care that old lady’s are dropping like fly’s?!

Reader: LTG101

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Little White Lies

18349994Little White Lies

Katie Dale

4 out of 5

Louise Shepard is not your average college student, she has a troubled past and is just trying to start over. But that all changes when she meets Christian, the mysterious boy who she spilt coffee on. Let me start off by pointing out how unstereotypical this book is. As soon as I predict whats going to happen the story twists, and I’m left wanting to read more. This book had a really great ending and I was so happy for the characters. I loved how Christian and Lou’s story’s entertwine and I didn’t know who to belive.

Reader: LTG101

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Night of the Soul Stealer

298568Night of the Soul Stealer (The Last Apprentice book 3)

Joseph Delaney

4 out of 5

Night of the Soul Stealer is the third exciting novel in the series The Last Apprentice. It is about how Tom Ward, apprentice of the Spook goes to the Spooks winter house in Anglezarke. Here he meets a necromancer named Morgan who once was the Spooks apprentice. Morgan wants to take a book of dark rituals from the Spook to summon the god of Winter, Golgoth.
At the same time Tom meets Meg who has captured the Spook and took over the house. Will Tom Ward stop Morgan from stealing the book of dark rituals and summoning Golgoth? I liked this book because it is action packed, interesting, spooky, and suspenseful.

Reader: ARC

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Fish in a Tree

224029721Fish in a Tree

Lynda Mullaly Hunt

5 out of 5

I loved the book it was such a cool story. The book made me think a lot and there was a lot of similes like she would say “Me trying to read would be like trying to teach a lobster to play tennis.” There were also lots of other things I had never heard about like a mercury dime and a steel penny. So I thought this book was very interesting.

Reader: Ender Gaming

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