The Museum of Heartbreak

21525988The Museum of Heartbreak

Meg Leder

5 out of 5

The Museum of Heartbreak is adorable and heart-wrenching, all that you can wish for in a romantic YA novel. On the very first page, Penelope Marx falls in love with the boy of her dreams. Hardly experienced with dating, she is flattered by the attention Keats gives her. Soon they are dating despite the warnings of her friend Audrey about Keats’ romantic history. The relationship quickly grows even more complicated when Penelope realizes she might have feelings for her best friend Ephraim. The remainder of the novel reveals who is the true breaker of Penelope’s heart. The organization is probably my favorite aspect of the book with each chapter being introduced by an object that plays a major role in the story (and incidentally is later added to the main character’s Museum of Heartbreak). I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romantic novel!

Reader: cindyzhang99

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