Shadow of the Hegemon

9534Shadow of the Hegemon

Orson Scott Card

3 out of 5

The Battle School children have returned to their different homes all around the world. But one by one, friends of Ender Wiggin start to go missing. All of the children from Ender’s army, Dragon Army have vanished from their homes. All of the children who helped him win the Formic War. Except for one. Bean, or Julian Delphiki, is in hiding, for instead of being kidnapped, there are attempts on his life. And Bean knows just who is behind it all: Achilles de Flandres, a boy who Bean knows from the streets of Rotterdam. Bean must get help to rescue his friends, but from who? Bean turns to Ender’s older brother, Peter Wiggin, aka Locke, for help. I liked the beginning of this book, but it got worse as it went on. I also loved that instead of being told from Ender’s perspective, the story is told from three different perspectives: Petra’s, Peter’s, and Bean’s. I did not like this book as much as Ender’s Game or Ender’s Shadow.

Reader: harrypotter529

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