Not If I See You First

22701879Not If I See You First

Eric Lindstrom

5 out of 5

Not If I See You First is a powerful story of self-discovery amidst grief. When Parker’s father dies the summer before her junior year, her life is turned upside down. Nevertheless, she continues to be a strong, funny, and sarcastic narrator, making it all too is easy to forget that Parker is blind. (Her insistence on being treated as others are makes her one of my most favorite literary characters.) Meanwhile at school, Parker must navigate her busy high school life, the track team, and an old heartbreak, with only her good friends to rely on. Even so, the author successfully avoids putting Parker on a pedestal. The mistakes she makes throughout the novel show she is human and makes her even more relatable. An eventful and complex book, it has reminded me of all I take for granted.

Reader: cindyzhang99

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