Night of the Soul Stealer

298568Night of the Soul Stealer (The Last Apprentice book 3)

Joseph Delaney

4 out of 5

Night of the Soul Stealer is the third exciting novel in the series The Last Apprentice. It is about how Tom Ward, apprentice of the Spook goes to the Spooks winter house in Anglezarke. Here he meets a necromancer named Morgan who once was the Spooks apprentice. Morgan wants to take a book of dark rituals from the Spook to summon the god of Winter, Golgoth.
At the same time Tom meets Meg who has captured the Spook and took over the house. Will Tom Ward stop Morgan from stealing the book of dark rituals and summoning Golgoth? I liked this book because it is action packed, interesting, spooky, and suspenseful.

Reader: ARC

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