I’m From Nowhere

25485071I’m From Nowhere

Suzanne Myers

3 out of 5

Personally, I’m From Nowhere felt like a mediocre YA novel to me. Wren Verlaine is sent to the prestigious Hardwick Hall when her mother receives a news reporting assignment that takes her to Greenland for six months. Although I’m From Nowhere has interesting elements such as spending a year in boarding school, the complications of friendzoning, and determining the identity of Wren’s unknown father, the author does a poor job of mixing these stories together. Furthermore, the writing was cliched and felt quite forced several times in throughout the book. Even more disappointingly, the story was anticlimatic and minimized the consequences of the secrets Wren uncovers. Overall, the characters were very predictable and the story did not generate any moments that will particularly stick with readers.

Reader: cindyzhang99

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