I Am the Messenger

19057I Am the Messenger

Markus Zusak

5 out of 5

This summer I had a goal: to read all Zusak’s book’s. This was the second book I read by him and I love it. I love the concept of how Ed was just another human, he was ordinary and nothing special. He had a crappy job, lived in a shack, was hopefully in love with his best friend, has a coffee drinking dog that smells, and didn’t go to school. Even though he is nothing but ordinary he was still picked to be the messenger. He is sent a series of messages through cards and a person to deliver them too. What I loved about the messages is that they are very vague, either sending adress’s, last names, or movies and random objects that correlate to the person or predicament. The way he talks about life or people is so beautifully scripted or worded. He dosen’t see people for what they look like or what there personality is but for what they are: humans.

Reader: LTG101

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