Honor Girl

24727094Honor Girl

Maggie Thrash

5 out of 5

Honor Girl is an autobiographical comic book focusing on the events that take place one summer at Camp Bellflower, a traditional sleepaway camp for girls. Fifteen year old Maggie has been attending the camp for as long as she can remember and enjoys her routine and pleasant summers. Whether she is at the shooting range or performing as Kevin Richardson at a Boy Band Blowout extravaganza, this summer seems like any other. However, her world is turned upside down when she falls for a female camp counselor named Erin during a lice inspection (long story). Receiving mixed signals from Erin and dealing with feeling different when everyone else is talking about boys (not to mention the camp’s disapproval of same sex relationships), Maggie’s summer suddenly becomes a lot more exciting. Though the art is simplistic, it speaks volumes and adds depth to the narrative. Funny and original, this is a phenomenal book about self-discovery. Read Honor Girl to find out what happens to Maggie and Erin!

Reader: cindyzhang99

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