Dead End in Norvelt

9858488Dead End in Norvelt

Jack Gantos

1 out of 5

So… I only read this book because it was an assignment. Originally looking at this I didn’t know what to expect because, the cover is of a road sign and the main character shares a name with the author. A lot of reviews say that the book was funny and a fast read, I disagree. I read this very slowly and had to force myself to pick it up again. Also the characters were more like cartoons or caricatures. So many things didn’t make sense for me: why does Ms. Volker have blue hair, why is he aloud to drive when he’s 12 years old, they kept saying that old Ms.Volker was Jack’s “girlfriend”, and finally why does nobody care that old lady’s are dropping like fly’s?!

Reader: LTG101

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