Close to Famous

7992862Close to Famous

Joan Bauer

5 out of 5

When Foster McFee moves to Culpepper, West Virginia, she doesn’t know what she’s signing up for. Foster loves to cook, and hopes to one day have a cooking show. But Foster has one huge problem–she can’t read. She barely passed sixth grade, and doesn’t know how she’s going to deal with seventh. Foster refuses to let her weaknesses outweigh her strengths, though, and she gets help from Miss Charleena, a retired Hollywood actress who has returned to her hometown in West Virginia. And Foster McFee isn’t the only person in the tiny town of Culpepper who’s dreaming big. Rayka, her mother, longs to come out of the shadows of being a backup singer and finally become a headliner. Foster’s best friend, Macon wants to be a documentary filmmaker. Amy looks up to Rayka, and has a goal of being a singer as well. Garland hopes to be a track star. But nobody in Culpepper actually has a chance of making their dream a reality–or do they? I enjoyed the characters in this book, especially Foster, Miss Charleena, Garland, and Amy. I would recommend this book to people from ages 8-13.

Reader: harrypotter529

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