The Giver

3636The Giver

Lois Lowry

4 out of 5

In the Community, where Jonas lives, there is no music, pain, or color. But Jonas will receive his Assignment in December. His Assignment will be what he grows up to do. He cannot choose his job. But at the ceremony, Jonas is Assigned Receiver of Memory. There has not been an assignment quite like this one since ten years ago, and the girl who was supposed to become the Receiever hasn’t been seen since. Jonas receives training from the current Receiver of Memory, or The Giver. But training is hard, painful, and it isolates him. Jonas will figure out the truth about the Community– but what will he do with the information? I enjoyed this book, but I thought that it could be less confusing at times. I would recommend this book to people from ages 9-13.

Reader: harrypotter529

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