The Girl from Everywhere

21979832The Girl from Everywhere

Heidi Heilig

4 out of 5

The Girl From Everywhere was on a list I had found of some of the top YA books published in 2016. I certainly enjoyed it, as a fan of the narrow time-traveling-pirates genre, but it fell very smoothly into that genre. At least one dead/missing parent? Check. The surviving parent distant and moody, oblivious to their child? Check. Protagonist’s life being remotely in danger through time traveling paradoxes? Love triangles that feel way too forced? A whole host of interesting side characters that are never explored? Check. It even had the obligatory diversity, with a half Asian main character, an Arab love interest and an African woman. Despite being extremely similar to most books of its style, I liked the writing, and the modern attitude towards it.

Reader: amu

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