22733616Neverseen (Keeper of the Lost Cities book 4)

Shannon Messenger

5 out of 5

Sophie, Dex, Keefe, Biana, and Fitz have run away to join the Black Swan. They don’t know much about the rebellious group, but if they don’t go into hiding soon, the Elvin Council will punish them severely for working with the Black Swan. Meanwhile, their enemies, the group calling themselves the Neverseen, are known to be working with the ogres, the most dangerous species that signed a treaty with the elves. The Neverseen are believed to have released a plague on the gnomes, who serve as the elves’ helpers, and many of the gnomes are close to dying. How will Sophie and her friends stop this evil organization before it’s too late? I loved the new characters that were introduced to the series in this book, such as Calla the gnome, and Tam and Linh Song. I also wasn’t expecting the plot twists at the end of the book, but they just made me excited for when the new book in this series comes out! Another part of this book that I liked was in the end, when you find out who two members of the Black Swan really are, behind their disguises. I would recommend this book to people who enjoyed the Harry Potter series.

Reader: harrypotter529

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