Robert L. Anderson

4 out of 5

I have to admit, when I picked this book up I was expecting a cute, easy-to-read, young adult fantasy, complete with whirlwind romance, love triangles, and a strong independent female lead. It was a pleasant surprise when Dea, the protagonist, had more dimension than many of the other characters of her trope. All of the characters felt fairly plausible, and I could understand them, as well as their motives. While some of them could have used a bit more development in some of their actions, I was glad that they all at least resembled real people. A large part of the story is the world that people go to when they dream. Dea is able to access this world, and spends a fair amount of the book there. This fantasy element was excellently executed, creating a world that implied that there was more depth to it than was directly mentioned. It was clear the author had put plenty of effort into creating a believable fantasy setting. My only complaint was the ending, as it was sudden and tied things up too neatly, with no description of how the plot got there. However, it left room for a sequel, which I would happily read.

Reader: amu

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