A Whole Nother Story

6676264A Whole Nother Story

Dr. Cuthbert Soup

5 out of 5

Fourteen-year-old Barton, twelve-year-old Saffron, and eight-year-old Crandall are the children of a brilliant inventor. Their father, Ethan Cheeseman, is creating a time machine–and there are people who will do anything to get their hands on it! The whole family, their psychic dog, Pinky, and Crandall’s beloved sock puppet, Steve, must escape from three different organizations who are determined to learn the secret of the LVR, the time machine that is about to be finished. Along the way, to protect their identities, the Cheeseman children must change their names. Barton is now known as Jough Psmythe (prounounced Joe Smith). Saffron is now named Magenta-Jean Jurgenson (Maggie for short), and Crandall has changed his name to Gerard LaFontaine. I thought that this book was really funny, and I would recommend it to people from ages 8-13.

Reader: harrypotter529

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