21337951Savvy (Savvy book 1)

Ingrid Law

4 out of 5

Mibs Beaumont is turning thirteen– and she can’t wait! Thirteen years old is the age when everyone in her family gets their savvy, their special power. Her fourteen-year-old brother, Fish’s savvy is that he can control hurricanes, and her seventeen-year-old brother, Rocket’s savvy is that he can control electricity. So Mibs is looking forward to finding out what her savvy is going to be. But when her father is landed in the hospital after a car accident, a friend from church takes it upon herself to plan Mibs’ party– but she doesn’t know about Mibs’ savvy. The Beaumonts are determined to keep their savvies secret– so a thirteenth birthday party can’t ever happen. Until now. I liked this book and I liked the characters in it, especially Will Junior, Fish and Mibs. I would recommend this book to girls and boys from ages 9-13

Reader: harrypotter529

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