3236307Graceling (Graceling Realm book 1)

Kristin Cashore

4 out of 5

The book Graceling is a fantasy novel that is a companion to the book Fire. It takes place in a land where there are some people gifted with special unnatural abilities, referred to as their grace. Each of these people are called gracelings, marked by their mismatched eyes. In this land there are seven kingdoms. The gracelings belong to their king. In one of these kingdoms known as the Middluns located between four other kingdoms is a graceling named Katsa. She is the nephew of King Randa. Katsa is graced with killing with her bare hands. Because of this grace she serves her king by hurting or killing whomever King Randa orders her to kill. Along with two friends, she is sent by her council to rescue a the father of the king of Leinid, a island kingdom separated from the other kingdoms. This is when she meets Prince Po, a Leinid prince who will change her life. I liked this book because it is an interesting fantasy novel with lots of mystery and a deep plot.

Reader: ARC

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