13260670Exile (Keeper of the Lost Cities book 2)

Shannon Messenger

5 out of 5

Sophie Foster has been living as an elf for almost a year. But even compared to those of her own kind, Sophie is still different. When she discovers a rare alicorn– the second of its kind– she uses her amazing telepathic skills to communicate with the animal, and People are amazed. But she begins to wonder about the secret group that has everything to do with who she is. Sophie wants to know who the Black Swan are, what they want her to do– and the messages they leave her aren’t exactly giving her the answers she’d like. When tragedy strikes her and those around her, Sophie has to discover that she can do the impossible, even by elvin standards. I loved this book and the characters in it, and I would recommend it to people who enjoyed Harry Potter.

Reader: harrypotter529

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