Some Kind of Courage

25578408Some King of Courage

Dan Gemeinhart

4 out of 5

It’s 1890, and Joseph Johnson has lost everything and everyone he’s every loved in his life. First, his mother, Adelaide, and his six-year-old sister, Katie, died of Typhoid Fever. Just a year later, his father, William died in a wagon accident. All Joseph has now is his horse, Sarah. And then she’s gone too. As Joseph searches the countryside for Sarah, he faces all kinds of dangers, and meets all kinds of people, enemies and friends. And is it possible? Is it possible that Joseph could find a home? A family? I liked that Joseph had to try to communicate with Ah-Kee, a boy he meets on his journey, when the two don’t even speak the same language. I would recommend this book to boys and girls from ages 10-13.

Reader: harrypotter529

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