Night Whispers

7217724Night Whispers (Warriors: Omen of the Stars book 3)

Erin Hunter

3 out of 5

I kind of liked this book but, the problem with this book is that some of the characters in the book were acting pretty stupid, it was kind of hard to read the book without cringing at some of the characters who were being stubborn, stupid, and somewhat harsh. To top it all off some evil cats want to overthrow a colony of godly cats from the sky and, they can’t do anything but, just watch people fighting or bring cats that die because of the evil cats and there best solution is to breakup into the four clans like the cats do on Earth. Also they tell the cats to stay away from other clan cats because “they can’t trust anybody” I wouldn’t, recommend this book if you don’t like cringey characters but, if you are reading the series you should read it if you want to understand some stuff.

Reader: French Toast!

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