Free Verse

25776192Free Verse

Sarah Dooley

4 out of 5

Sasha Harless and her older brother, Michael, have always dreamed of leaving Caboose, the coal-mining town that they’ve lived in their whole lives. But Sasha’s life has been filled with one tragedy after the next. When she was just five, her mother, Judy, ran away, leaving Sasha and Michael with just one parent, their father, Ben. But Ben dies in the coal mines three years later. Sasha lives as an orphan, with just Michael to protect her. But when Michael dies in a fire, Sasha is left with no one, no family… that she knows of. When she moves in with Phyllis, her foster mother, she meets family she didn’t know she had. Mikey, her cousin, reminds her of her lost brother, and they become good friends. Then everything changes, and Sasha uses poetry to deal with the tragedy and loss. I liked the part of the book that was written in poetry. I would recommend this book to girls and boys from ages 9-14

Reader: harrypotter529

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