Blue Remembered Earth

9424053Blue Remembered Earth

Alastair Reynolds

3 out of 5

Blue Remembered Earth has space travel, family drama and a scavenger hunt that leads one of the main characters across Earth, the Moon and Mars, but all of this spread out over almost 600 pages. The opening scene and first chapter have the potential to lead into an exciting post-apocalyptic world, but instead our main character is caught up with domestic life taking care of elephants and trying to stay out of the excitement. Eventually his sister involves him in her chase to discover their deceased grandmother’s greatest secret, but he stays at home while she travels to Mars. Towards the last 200 pages it picks up, and more of the secrets are revealed, but the slow opening is almost enough to deter anyone from continuing. However, it is worth a read, especially as the next books in the trilogy promise more excitement.

Reader: amu

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