Disney at Dawn (Kingdom Keepers #2)

Disney at Dawn (Kingdom Keepers #2)

Ridley Pearson

5 out of 5

Don’t you just love celebrations? Well, Finn, Charlene, Philby, Maybeck, and Willa do. Yeah, that’s right. The Kingdom Keepers are back in book 2, Disney at Dawn. It’s supposed to be a great celebration, but things turn wrong again. And then, Amanda’s sister Jez disappears. Vanished. Almost like she was vanquished. It’s up to everyone, including Wayne, to solve this mystery. But Finn needs an explanation from Amanda about Jez, and he discovers something. Will the Kingdom Keepers be able to get Jez back somehow? This book is even better than the first. If you haven’t read The Kingdom Keepers: Disney at Dark, book 1, than you will not understand most everything in the contents of this book. This is a must read story!

Reader: TaylorSwift4

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