Snakehead (Alex Rider #7)

Snakehead (Alex Rider #7)

Anthony Horowitz

5 out of 5

After destroying Ark Angel, a sabotaged space hotel, Alex Rider is recruited by ASIS, the Australian secret service, to infiltrate a snakehead. Snakeheads are basically huge criminal gangs. Alex only does this to learn more about his family, but he ends up finding out that Scorpia, a large criminal organization, is trying to stop a meeting on a remote island off of Australia, about “making poverty history”. Then, MI6 tries to get him to find Royal Blue, the most powerful non-nuclear bomb. Scorpia is going to use the bomb to disrupt the fault line where the meeting is happening, creating an earthquake, making a tsunami that would wipe out the island. All of that would look like a natural disaster. Alex stops the bomb from detonating in the right place, saving the island.

Reader: Trundle

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