Beyond the Kingdoms (The Land of Stories #4)

Beyond the Kingdoms (Land of Stories #4)

Chris Colfer

5 out of 5

As their adventure continues, twins Alex, the new Fairy Godmother and Connor face more troubles than in book 3: A Grimm Warning. Alex has been, well, different ever since the discovery of who the Masked Man really is.The Masked Man has returned, and he is smarter than ever. Alex has overreacted plenty times, and Connor and Alex soon discover a new trouble: The Portal Potion. Meanwhile, Red Riding Hood is in mourning, and Alex was- I’ll let you figure that part out. Some secrets are spilled about the Enchantress, and people that seemed pretty much harmless become as harmful as Ezmia herself in book 2: The Enchantress returns. I loved this book, and some new and nice characters and twists are introduced. I do, however, highly recommend that you read book 1, [The Wishing Spell] book 2, and book 3 before you read this brand new book, that just came out July 7th, 2015. Please read this turn paging thriller.

Reader: TaylorSwift4

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