A Whole Lot of Lucky

A Whole Lot of Lucky

Danette Haworth

4 out of 5

This unique book tells the story about every kids dream- winning the lottery! Hailee Richardson’s father wins the lottery. But instead of enjoying her family’s fortune at Palm Middle School, she’s going to Magnolia, a school for girls. There she befriends Emily DeCamp, a nice girl the same age as Hailee. Then she gets to know Nikki Simms, a popular for being, well, not good. Her and Nikki seem to be good friends, but you might feel a little angry at Hailee with some of her choices. This book gives you the opportunity to step into Hailee’s life, and even NOT want to be friends with some of the characters. I think this book is good for girls 9 and up, it really depends on how you like your stories. But this one, this one book is something you will enjoy.

Reader: TaylorSwift4

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