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Megan’s Pick of the Week: 

The Diviners

By: the amazing Libba Bray

I had to sleep with a light on when I was reading this — seriously. A GHOST comes back to kill people and it’s up to Evie and her friends to stop him — but how do you stop the undead? BONUS: this book takes place in the mid 1920s, and Ms. Bray does am AMAZING job of making you feel like her characters are actually from the 20s. Best for brave readers in grades 10 and up.

PS: I still freak out whenever I hear whistling. Read it and you’ll see why.

PS AGAIN!: Libba Bray’s bio on her website is HILARIOUS. If you’re too lazzzzy to read the book, you should at least read her bio

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Megan’s Pic of the Month:

Just sayin’ ;)

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